Snag Sweets at Schakolad Chocolate Factory

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If you ever hop on the Crystal City Metro to get to the office, chances are you’ve already walked by Schakolad Chocolate Factory without even realizing it. The artisan chocolate shop is tucked away at the top of the escalators right after you leave the train. So if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine, it couldn’t be more convenient to make a pit stop here on your lunch break or commute.

You won’t find fresher candies anywhere since Schakolad actually crafts its chocolates on-site. The chocolatiers skip the preservatives and additives in favor of fresh, high-quality ingredients for their truffles—which come in vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free varieties to accommodate customers with all different dietary needs. Stop by to customize a box of chocolates for your special someone! If they like the combination of spicy and sweet, make sure you include a few cayenne-infused truffles—but take note, they’re rated extra fiery by customers. Do they prefer strictly sweet treats? The red velvet truffles might be more their speed. Don’t forget to add a few of the popular salted caramels to round out the selection.

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