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Gift Flowers With Love

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When in doubt, a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses is always a tried-and-true way to express your adoration. The floral artists at Flowers With Love package them up in a variety of different ways to appeal to all tastes, whether they’re into a classic aesthetic or prefer something a little edgier and more contemporary.

A classic dozen red roses are aptly named, featuring crimson blossoms peeking from between vibrant green leaves. For a modern take, order the trio of red roses arranged at different heights in a petite glass vase or the “modern roses” bundled tightly with emerald leaves fanning out beneath the blooms. If you’d rather totally depart from tradition, Flowers With Love can help you with that, too. Order your special someone the Cloud Nine, a natural-looking mix of pink, purple, and white flowers with sprigs of bright greens or opt for the Majestic Magenta, which combines blossoms in different shades of purple with fresh eucalyptus leaves. Anything your special someone could want in a bouquet is ready and waiting for them at Flowers With Love.

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