Tatte Bakery & Cafe Is Now Open Near Concord Crystal City

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Pancakes smothered with creamy Greek yogurt, fresh pear jam, and a drizzle of honey. Overnight challah French toast topped with whipped ricotta goat cheese, housemade raspberry compote, and fresh fruit. A brioche doughnut dipped in vanilla buttermilk glaze and encrusted with crushed pistachios. These are a few of the tantalizing brunch bites that are making Tatte Bakery & Cafe such a hit despite its short time in business.
The new branch of the bakery just opened its doors recently with the same delectable weekend brunch dishes that have made its sister locations such a popular Sunday destination. If you stop by during the week, grab a quick breakfast to take on the go like the sandwich stuffed with scrambled eggs, Vermont cheddar, and applewood smoked bacon on freshly baked sourdough. Or try one of the signature tartines—the avocado tartine comes loaded with baby arugula and poached eggs, plus a dash of dill and radish. Of course, the bakery also boasts a full menu of coffee beverages to accompany your chosen bite, from drip coffee to honey halva lattes.

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