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Enjoy Sunshine and Fresh Mediterranean Food at Yayla Bistro - Concord Crystal City Blog

Enjoy Sunshine and Fresh Mediterranean Food at Yayla Bistro

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If you’re lucky enough to snag a table on Yayla Bistro’s sunny porch, celebrate by ordering two of the eatery’s most popular starters: the grilled calamari and the mezze platter. They epitomize the fresh Mediterranean fare that always comes from the kitchen at Yayla. Paired with a specialty cocktail like the French martinie or the Pomegranate Passion, the small plates make for the perfect introduction to the health-conscious cuisine.

Order another round of cocktails or wine before sinking your fork into an equally appetizing entree. The manti is always a top-rated choice. It’s a Turkish type of ravioli filled with a blend of ground beef and lamb, then smothered with freshly made tomato sauce and garlic-infused yogurt. Craving something a little more traditional? The moussaka keeps it classic right down to the scratch-made bechamel and shredded parmesan cheese. You also can’t go wrong with the New Zealand lamb chops. The chef marinates them in a special house blend of spices before grilling the chops to perfectly tender. Then for the final course, treat yourself to the Apricot Delight. It features walnut-stuffed apricots over vanilla mascarpone cheese, all drizzled with caramel sauce and dusted with crushed pistachios.

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