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Grab a Delicious Lunch From the Food Truck Zone in Rosslyn - Concord Crystal City Blog

Grab a Delicious Lunch From the Food Truck Zone in Rosslyn

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If you’re a foodie, then you already know that Rosslyn is home to dozens of highly rated eateries featuring all different types of cuisines. But did you know about the food truck zones in Rosslyn? There are three of them scattered throughout the city—one on 19th, another on Wilson Boulevard, and a third on Pierce Street. Every weekday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., they have parking areas reserved for the city’s food trucks, so you can expect a tantalizing array of lunch options.

Have you ever tried the signature arepas from Arepa Zone? The small sandwiches come stuffed with everything from chicken, beef, and ham to queso fresco and black beans. This is one of the vendors you might find in a food truck zone on any given weekday, perhaps alongside Mama’s Donuts, which dishes out fresh bite-sized sweets, or Urban Bumpin BBQ, serving up house-smoked meats and homestyle sides. Indian food, Korean barbecue, fresh Pho, Mediterannean cuisine—they’re all on the menu when you hit up a food truck zone for lunch.

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