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Warm Up Over A Bowl of Noodles at Pho Saigon Pearl - Concord Crystal City Blog

Warm Up Over A Bowl of Noodles at Pho Saigon Pearl

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Pho Saigon Pearl is pretty new to the Arlington dining scene, but don’t let its youth keep you away. Its earliest reviewers all agree that this new Vietnamese eatery has already earned hidden gem status. Tucked away next to the Harris Teeter on South George Mason Drive (where there’s plenty of parking), it would be easy to miss the pho restaurant—but don’t!

Make the effort to stop by, and you won’t be disappointed. 

While Pho Saigon Pearl is currently open for indoor dining, its takeout system is quick and easy, so feel free to go with either option. Simply step inside and scan the QR code to obtain the menu, then start ordering. You can’t go wrong with the classic pho dac biet, which comes loaded with the full slate of traditional meats (including brisket and meatballs), plus a medley of veggies and a light-yet-complex broth. In the mood for a sandwich instead? Pho Saigon’s version is the banh mi, a sandwich stuffed inside of a crusty French baguette. The grilled beef banh mi features tender meat, pickled veggies, and just the right amount of lemongrass.

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