Greens N Teff Brings Ethiopian Fare To Arlington

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May 15th, 2021

If you love the spice of African cuisine, you’re going to want to try the newest Ethiopian cafe in town! Greens N Teff, aka GnT, is the first plant-based Ethiopian spot in Arlington so it’s sure to bring new flavor to your takeout rotation. One thing that many don’t realize is that Ethiopian cuisine is actually very much vegetarian and vegan, which you’ll notice when browsing their menu.

Featured dishes that everyone is loving include the spicy lentil stew, the beets keysir which combine beets and potatoes with tasty spices, and the collard greens. Their suggestion is to enjoy small bites pinched between slices of injera bread, the slightly sour finish of the bread balances out the spicy sweetness of the veggies! The bread is made from teff grain, which is where the name of the restaurant comes from! Order online and mix up your takeout routine, you won’t regret it.

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